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Turning X-Ray into Visible Light
We may not be able to bend light, but we certainly can bend the material that produces light. We make scintillators
Bigger, Brighter and Bendable!
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Revolutionizing the X-Ray Industry
Enlipsium's thin film scintillator material is changing how X-ray devices are build. With a film so thin, flexible and sensitive, we can now customize X-ray devices like never before. Given that most of the things we try to image are never really flat - have you ever wondered why X-ray detectors are always flat? Can we reduce the X-ray dosage used in medical screening? Many believe that the current X-ray dosage is sufficiently low, but at Enlipsium, we say let's go lower. Join us today in our march towards a mordern X-ray industry!
Who Are These People Anyway?
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Enlipsium staff - Yzhar Perry
Mr Yzhar Perry
CEO & Founder
Enlipsium staff - Tommy Tham
Mr Tommy Tham
CTO & Founder
Enlipsium staff - Liu Xiaogang
Professor Qiushui Chen
Technical Advisor
Enlipsium staff - Chen Qiushui
Professor Xiaogang Liu
Technical Advisor
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